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SALT Partners provides a full range of state and local tax consulting services from professionals who have years of experience in state and local tax consulting.  Our services include:  

  • Sales Tax Registrations - Whether you need to register in one state or forty-five states, we have a registration process that is efficient and cost effective.  Our fees for state registrations are less than half of the Big 4 firms and faster. More information about our state tax registration process. 

  • Nexus Studies - Do you know where you your business should be filing income and sales tax returns?  Perhaps you are filing in states where you are not required to file wasting thousands of dollars in tax and compliance costs .  Our comprehensive nexus studies involve a complete review of your business and its activities.  We will use state-of-the-art research tools and our decades of experience to effectively manage your nexus footprint.  Our two-year follow-up nexus service helps ensure that you are always filing in the correct jurisdictions. 

  • State and Local Tax Audit Defense and Controversy Services – SALT Partners provides state and local audit defense and controversy services in all states.  We have years of experience assisting clients with state and local tax audits and administrative appeals. 

  • Reverse Income and Sales Tax Return Reviews – At SALT Partners our income and sales tax return reviews are more in-depth than then those preformed by larger public accounting firms.  Big 4 economics require them to limit their investment in time in your return review often limiting the refunds to a few key issues.  This results in smaller refunds to you.  Because we don’t require our personnel to achieve billable hour rates from reverse income and sales tax return reviews, we can take a much deeper dive into your returns.  Your benefit is larger refunds at lower cost to you.  Our contingent fee percentages are typically 15% to 30% less than the large public accounting firms putting more money in your pocket.

  • Sales Taxation Analysis – Are you collecting the proper sales tax in the thousands of potential jurisdictions imposing state or local sales taxes?  SALT Partners performs taxation analysis for sales and use tax that helps ensure that you are collecting and remitting the proper sales tax.  This analysis helps reduce audit risk from under-collecting sales tax.  Further, it ensures that you are not over collecting tax from your customers.


  • Due Diligence  - SALT Partners performs both buy side and sell side state and local tax due diligence.  We work with you to ensure that state and local tax exposures are minimized whether you are selling a business or buying a business.


  • Residency Planning and Audit Defense - SALT Partners does more residency planning and residency audit defense than any other practitioner in Minnesota.  Our years of experience at effectively planning for your change in residency and defending your change of residency is unprecedented.  

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