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It's About You

We developed a state and local tax consulting business that's all about you.  At SALT Partners you will find an a distinctly different experience from the Big 4 public accounting firms.  What does this mean to you?


  • We Make it Easy  - Our goal is to make it EXTREMELY EASY to do business with us! 


You need to have a call or meeting with us?  Use our one click system to schedule it. Click HERE and you get access to our calendar to schedule the meeting at your convenience.

You need answers fast?  We deliver!  Our state of the art research tools including Bloomberg Tax and CCH can provide fast answers to your most urgent problems.  

You need the project to start now? - Our engagement process is simple and straight forward.  We can engage with you in as little as 15 minutes and start the project today; not next week, not next month.   

  • Reasonable Fees - SALT Partners professional fees are less  than half of the Big 4 for the same level of experience and service.  Our Professional Fees are straight-forward with no hidden charges.   Click here to see our rates.  


  • Fast, easy engagement process - You want fast service and you want to start your project now!  No problem at SALT Partners. We engage with our clients within 48 hours from when you say GO!   Big 4 firms often take weeks to send you engagement materials.  When you need a state and local tax problem solved, why should you have to wait weeks for your service provider to send you the engagement documents.

  • In-depth Knowledge  - SALT Partners has decades of state and local tax experience.  We leverage the the best research tools to bring you up-to-date information and provide you with the benefit of  years of state and local tax knowledge and wisdom.

  • Straightforward Billings - SALT Partners billings provide you with in-depth, detailed billing information with every invoice so you know exactly what you're paying for.  Detailed billing reports goes to every client, every month without you having to ask for it.  

  • Fair Contingent Fees -  Contingent fees are an excellent way for you to manage risk on state return review.  If you don't receive a refund, SALT Partners will not charge you any fees. Where permitted SALT Partners performs both income/franchise tax return reviews and sales/use tax return reviews on a contingent fee basis.  Our contingent fee percentage that is substantially lower than the contingent fee charged by large public accounting firms.  

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