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SALT Partners has decades of residency tax experience.  SALT Partners does more residency planning and residency audit defense work than any other service provider in Minnesota.  Bill Lunka, the founder of SALT Partners, is widely known as the leading residency expert in Minnesota.  

Changing your residency must be carefully planned to ensure that the Minnesota Department of Revenue will recognize and acknowledge that you have changed your residency.  High net worth individuals who change their residency have a high probability of being audited.  Effective residency planning mitigates the risk of an adverse determination that can cost you thousands of dollars.  


SALT Partners provides a free, informative residency information kit with our free one hour residency planning session.  This residency planning session will provide you with powerful insights on planning your change of residency.  

For more information on planning for your change in residence SALT Partners has created an information database to help you when your considering changing your residency at

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