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salt partners to close Minneapolis office

On September 30th 2020, SALT Partners will close its Minneapolis office located in the IDS Center.  Here's why?

We want to thank our client for their continued business.  We are pleased that our business continues to grow at a steady pace throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  


Because of COVID-19, and the downtown Minneapolis environment, we are finding that our clients, colleagues, and friends are reluctant to meet in downtown Minneapolis.  Like all of us, we are using technology to stay connected with our clients and to stay healthy. 


Since February of 2020 we have only met with one client at our Minneapolis office and the office space we are leasing is rarely used.  Since we have a flexible lease arrangement in the IDS Tower, we decided to terminate our lease.  

It is my hope that, once we get well beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, we will again lease office space in downtown Minneapolis.

We wish to thank IDS Executive Suites (our landlord) for providing great office space for our firm and we hope to be back with them at some point in the future.


Finally, I want to thank our clients, big and small, for their business.  I greatly appreciate our continuing relationship.


I believe that all of our businesses will come through this difficult period of time and we will all thrive.  In the meantime we wish you our very best.

Please feel free to call me at any time at 612-803-3539.



                                                                                            Bill Lunka



                                                                                            SALT Partners LLC

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