Our number one priority is to make your visit to SALT Partners as safe as possible.  We have implemented vigorous protocols to make your visit to SALT Partners safe. 

  1. Appointments are required for all meetings. To make an appointment click HERE

  2. Call us at 612-803-3539 when your arrive at the IDS Tower.

  3. We will meet you in the lobby and request that you sanitize your hands using touch free foaming sanitizer.

  4. We request that you wear a mask the entire time you are in the building. 

  5. If you do not have a mask, don't worry.  We will provide you with a surgical mask when you arrive.

  6. We will encourage social distancing throughout your visit.  

  7. You will only meet in our private offices, not in conference rooms or other shared spaces. 

  8. Prior to your appointment all surfaces in the office will be wiped down with sanitizer 20 minutes prior to your arrival time.

  9. While in the office, you will be able to to be six feet or more from other people. 

  10. Unfortunately we cannot serve you beverages during your visit. 

  11. When you leave the office we request that you use the hand sanitizer on your way out of the building. 

  12. After you leave, the office you visited will be re-sanitized again and unused for 20 minutes.  

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