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Buy and Sell Side - Due Diligence

Sell Side Due Diligence

Our state and local tax sell-side due diligence is a comprehensive review that involves identifying and assessing potential state and local tax issues that might negatively impact your business value from a buyer’s perspective. By performing a sell-side due diligence review, business owners gain vital insights on potential state and local tax exposure before a potential buyer begins their buy-side state and local tax due diligence. 

Buy Side Due Diligence

SALT Partners works with private equity buyers to determine if an acquisition target has unidentified state and local tax exposures that the seller is not even aware of.  Our comprehensive review helps ensure that there are no state and local tax surprises one you acquire a business. 

Need federal or international due diligence as well?  Don't worry, we have you covered!

SALT Partners has deep expertise in state and local tax matters to ensure that your due diligence project is comprehensive and timely.  However, our clients often wish to have due diligence projects cover federal and international tax in addition to state and local taxes.  Through one of our CPA firms relationships , we provide international and federal tax due diligence along side SALT Partners that ensures that you get decades of experience whether you need assistance with federal, state or international taxes.

Why choose us?
  1. Deep Experience -  We have deep expertise in buy and sell side due diligence with more than forty years experience in state and local tax.  

  2. Fast execution - When you need to start a due diligence project now, SALT Partners is there for you.  We can engage and start work on the project the same day.  No more waiting for weeks to get the engagement started like some firms. 

  3. Better Rates - Our rates are less than half those of the larger CPA firms and other due diligence consultants.  Yet we provide you with Big 4 level of expertise in state and local tax matters.

  4. Deeper Dive - Because of our lower rates we can do a "deeper dive" than our competitors.  Your benefit is a more comprehensive review than the average due diligence review. 

For More Information, Contact Us!

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