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Sales Tax Automation Services

Do you need an automated software solution?  

SALT Partners works with most tax automation providers including Avalara, Sovos, Tax Jar, CCH, and Vertex.  

SALT Partners has worked with may tax automation platforms and SALT Partners is a Certified Avalara Implementation Partner.

Our implementation process combines our years of experience in state and local tax consulting with our up-to-date expertise on implementing tax engines.  This combination of expertise ensure that your tax engine will be set up correctly and will make correct taxation and exemption decisions.


We provide you with flexibility on how your tax engine is implemented.  We can provide you with a complete implementation of your tax engine including setting up you product classification to ensure the tax engine is making the correct tax decisions. 


If you are using one of the software companies, such as Avalara or Vertex, to implement their software you will find that they will NOT help you determine whether each of your products or services are taxable in each jurisdiction.  SALT Partners can provide you with the tax determinations in all states which can be used by the software company to implement your software solution.​

We also work with clients that want to self-implement the software solution internally.  We work with clients in a consulting role to answer questions and provide guidance on the implementation process. 

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