SALT Partners provides a free, comprehensive state and local tax diagnostic for business clients.  Our in depth tax diagnostic workshop will be held with you and your team to help identify both state and local tax exposures and potential refund opportunities.  This state and local tax diagnostic will be done at no charge to you.  Our state and local tax diagnostic will gather information on the following subjects and make recommendations to you based on that information.

Sales and Use Tax Information

  • Sales tax nexus (Where should your business be filing sales tax and use tax returns?)

  • Sales tax revenue streams to determine whether sales tax is being properly collected or accrued.  

  • Use tax processes to assess potential areas for refunds or tax exposure 

  • Review of potential exemptions for sales and use tax.

  • Capital equipment and industrial production exemptions

  • Exemption certificate management


Income Tax Information

  • Income tax nexus (Where should your business be filing income and franchise tax returns?)

  • Combined, consolidated or separate entity filings.

  • Net operating loss usage

  • Apportionment and allocation

    • Review of your revenue streams to determine if revenue is being sourced properly.​

    • Identify effective use of cost of performance and market-based sourcing. 

    • Other allocation issues.

  • Income tax credits and incentives 

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